Question What is it made of?
AnswerAll Kraniums are made of Polyresin material. The metallic Kraniums are electroplated, the gold one is covered with gold flakes (not real gold of course), and the others are painted.
Question Is it waterproof?
AnswerAlthough we haven’t dunk them in a pool just yet; the Kraniums have resisted random spills, casual wet wipedowns, and the like.
Question How big is it?
AnswerThe smallest Kranium is Barda and its dimensions in inches is 8.8 x 5.5 x 6.6. And the largest Kranium is Oberyn at 9.8 x 8 x 9 inches. All the others fall in between.
Question How long does shipping take?
AnswerIf you live in the Philippines, you should get your Kranium within 3 to 4 days after payment. Overseas addresses get theirs within 1-3 weeks after payment.
Question What is it for?
AnswerThe Kraniums are conversation art pieces so the owner pretty much imbues their own value to it.
Question Is there a discount for bulk orders?
AnswerAsk and you shall receive.
Question Can we order custom made skulls?
AnswerNot yet.
Question Is it durable?
AnswerThe Kranium will disintergrate to a million pieces when dropped from a really high ground but apart from that, it is quite durable.
Question Do you do refunds? If there is a damage on it.
AnswerWe’ll promptly do an exchange if there is anything wrong with the Kranium you receive.
Question What is your courier for shipping?
AnswerMetro Manila deliveries are personally done by our staff. Further than the metro; we use LBC, Air 21, or JRS. International deliveries are often through the post office (as registered mail) or by EMS.